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    2. Welcome to EAGLE-GLOBE Group official website.EN/中文Consulting Hotline: 86+513+88832618

      Spirit: diligence, pioneering, realistic and innovative

      Corporate culture

      Eagle-Globe Group spirit:

      ——diligent, pioneering, realistic and innovative;

      Eagle-Globe Group vision:

      ——to create the domestic important base powder metallurgy products production and scientific research of the largest and most advanced technology achievements, the eagle ball brand in the world, "the eagle ball" brand products all over the world;

      Eagle-Globe Group mission:

      ——through its unremitting efforts to strengthen the combination of Industry University Research Institute, continuous improvement, to provide customers with satisfactory products and services, has become the leading enterprises in the production of powder metallurgy products;

      Eagle-Globe Group core values:

      ——make efforts, forge ahead, innovation and seeking truth from facts.